5 Ways to Show Ride2Recovery (and U.S. Homeland Heroes) Your Support


We like bikes. A lot. We like bikes so much that we believe that everyone (yep, everyone) should be able to ride a bikeā€”no matter their age, experience, or ability.

And we’re not alone.

We’re talking about Ride2Recovery (R2R). R2R is a partnership of Fitness Challenge (a non-profit), the Military, and the VA Volunteer Service Office. R2R specializes in programs that help support the rehabilitation and recovery of U.S. homeland heroes.

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Saris Dealers Get Their Glow On with Video Contest

We challenged a select number of dealers to submit a 30 second video featuring our Solo Glow. With this challenge came an added twist: dealers had to feature a light source along with the rack. Four Saris dealers heeded our call to action and produced some glowing videos. Videos were then submitted to us here at Saris and we watched the number of views climb. The video with the most views on Vimeo or YouTube was dubbed the winner. So without further ado, congratulations to… Continue reading