The Saris Gala – A Kick-Ass Party Celebrates Wisconsin Bicycling

The Saris Gala has become the biggest single-night fundraiser for bike advocacy in the United States. Yes, number one. Ten years ago, a motley crew of “bike people” were sitting around brainstorming ways to spread the word and drum up support for better bicycling in the State of Wisconsin. Among this group was Chris Fortune, who lives by the saying, “if not us, then who?” So he stepped up, opened up his shop to the group and their friends, and the Saris Gala was born. To be fair here, the Saris Gala was born of very humble beginnings. The first year, it was really a pizza party with kegs of beer. In its first three years, the event raised $85,000 in total. But, it had “something” that kept people coming back.

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5 Ways to Show Ride2Recovery (and U.S. Homeland Heroes) Your Support


We like bikes. A lot. We like bikes so much that we believe that everyone (yep, everyone) should be able to ride a bike—no matter their age, experience, or ability.

And we’re not alone.

We’re talking about Ride2Recovery (R2R). R2R is a partnership of Fitness Challenge (a non-profit), the Military, and the VA Volunteer Service Office. R2R specializes in programs that help support the rehabilitation and recovery of U.S. homeland heroes.

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